Dig Deep. Be Brave. Create Change.

Grow Club is a mental health prevention service that teaches emotional intelligence and resilience to young people.

Through school based workshops we teach young people how to understand their thoughts, emotions and behaviours and provide them with a tool-kit of strategies to keep them happy and healthy.

Kate Rizzo
Founder + Workshop Facilitator

Kate has a passion for people, animals, our planet and a commitment to social justice. She holds degrees in Psychology and Social Work, and is currently working in a variety of roles including:

  • Social Worker
  • University Lecturer + Teacher
  • Speaker + Event Facilitator
  • Writer

Kate grew up with three younger sisters and a mother that taught her to forge her own path, wherever it may lead and a father who taught her the importance of laughter. Her journey has been one of constant change and a sense of being alone, which sparked the idea of Grow Club. This, along with her work in developing countries and her life experiences have led her to believe that we all have a part to play in creating a better world. Kate has a soft spot for the underdog and wants nothing more than for people to be kind to themselves and those around them. Kate describes herself as a dreamer, but understands that we must take action if we want to create change in our lives and the world around us.

Meet our Founder

“It was hard at first, as it was way out of my comfort zone, but having those kind of conversations really made a positive difference for me.”

– Eloise, Year 10 Student, Billanook College

“It feels good to be able to talk about this stuff and know that other people are also feeling the same way!”

– Year 9 Student, Mordialloc College

“Kate and her team have provided excellent support and service to Ride2School. I have been thoroughly impressed with her facilitator abilities, her professionalism and her expertise. Thank you for all your assistance Kate! MIND.BODY.PEDAL would not be the same without you!”

– Lisa Casey, Ride2School Director, Bicycle Network

“There’s a certain energy that Kate brings through her presence. I feel completely comfortable to be myself at her workshops and I leave feeling like I understand myself better. The activities, talks and reflections that Kate explores are extremely insightful and fulfilling, as a participant to be part of.”

– Georgia, Young Entrepreneurs Student

Who we are


We are the ray of sunshine. We are about the big ideas, that kindness can change the world. And we really believe that to be true. This is Grow Club at its most bubbly and passionate.


While we’re dreamers, we are not all clouds and rainbows. We are practical in our approach and we are always solutions focused.


We are resolute in our purpose. We are brave in the way we teach, in our messages and our approach. We address modern issues, even if they are tough to talk about.